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Custom Cabinetry in Raleigh, NC

You usually find cabinetry lining the walls of a kitchen, or even creating storage in a bathroom. However, at Edgewood Cabinetry we want to offer custom cabinetry to provide storage throughout your entire home! While everyone loves a nice kitchen of custom cabinets, or a bathroom with a custom vanity and cabinetry, adding something such as a television storage wall will  add an original piece to your home, as well as bump up the value.

Custom Cabinetry

Having custom cabinets will make your home in a league of its own. Your cabinets will be unique and one of a kind. Your home shouldn’t look the same as everyone else’s. Your kitchen, bathroom or other room should stand out as your own with custom cabinets. We love to take the elegance of your kitchen and add the best cabinets for your needs, as well as to enhance the value of your home. We follow this same method in each room of your home. Your investment will be well worth it in the long run! You can take a look at other custom cabinetry options to give your designer an idea of what you like. 

Custom Cabinets Are Best

You could potentially add custom cabinets to any room in your home.  For obvious reasons, you will first find beautiful cabinets in the kitchen of the home, along the walls and built into islands. We like to add a wonderful vanity with dense cabinet space to bathrooms as well, to provide ample storage. We love the look of spacious storage and organization pieces.

Raleigh Cabinets

You can have the cabinets built to fit what you love. They are designed to become exactly what you have in mind for the look of your home. Add your personal taste to your home. You can have a custom built set of cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and mud rooms. They also build island cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases and built-ins. If you need a cabinet in a particular place, it can be made for you. We love the cabinetry work of custom cabinets Raleigh to add a splash of personal taste to your home.